Women's Resource Center

Rules and Policies

We exist for our passengers, and we love providing rides to those who need us! In order to most efficiently use our program resources to prevent sexual assault, we have specific rules about where we travel and our expectations for passengers.

1) We only transport ONE person at a time because the risk of sexual assault decreases for groups, and we want to use our resources to help those who need us most.

2) We don't travel to any commercial locations (including stores, restaurants, and bars).

3) We only travel within Pullman city limits (no rides to the airport, Palouse, Colfax, or on the Moscow-Pullman highway).

4) Passengers must call us when the ride is actually needed - we don't take reservations, nor do we provide round trips.

5) For liability reasons, we don't give rides to the hospital or to people who are injured.

6) We can only wait 5 minutes for you after our driver has arrived. After that, we have to leave since we have a busy schedule and other people waiting for rides.

7) If you decide you don't need a ride anymore, let us know! If you don't let us know, you'll be put on our "no show" list. Three "no shows," and we won't be able to offer you any more rides in the future.

8) There is absolutely NO alcohol or marijuana permitted in our cars.